Sunday Mornings

Worship services are at 9:30 AM on Sundays. There is parking adjacent to the church and also along the back fence of the complex. Enter through the front door of Suite K; the Worship Room is on the left side of the hallway that leads from the main entrance. The service consists of singing, prayer, communion, and an expository sermon. After the service there are classes for all ages. Everyone is welcome, but if you are not feeling well, please watch the service from home. Worship with us by live stream.


Children and Teens

Children are a gift from the Lord and are welcomed in the worship service. Clip boards with a coloring page illustrating a Bible teaching, an activity sheet, and a sermon outline are available for your children. Redeemer Kids and Redeemer Teens Sunday schools start 10 minutes after the worship service—about 11:00 AM. Parents have the option of attending the Redeemer Adults class or of fellowshipping with fellow believers with free coffee.


Adults’ Class

Martin Carey teaches this topical class after church each Sunday at 11:00 AM, during the children’s Sunday School time. Meeting place: Fellowship Room



Dress comfortably; everything from jeans to suits is OK!



The Arbors Business Center • 24711 Redlands Boulevard, Suite K • Loma Linda, CA 92354